Social Prescribing Manager of the year

Social Prescribing Manager of the year

National Association of Link Workers is delighted to present Social Prescribing #LinkWorkerDay2021 Awards Ceremony on 7th October 2021 to celebrate Social Prescribing Link Workers impact and recognise all those who have made outstanding contributions in creatively disrupting inequalities and powering up integrated care.

Social Prescribing Manager of the year

This category is open to someone who provides line management to Social Prescribing Link Worker (s); this could be a non-clinician or clinician who has been acting in this capacity for a minimum of 1 year. This award honours a manager who has shown considerable commitment to setting Social Prescribing Link Workers up for success. This manager is a creative disruptor who pushes the boundaries, demonstrates effective leadership, challenges the status quo, inspires the team towards social prescribing success, and can clearly evidence their impact.

2021 Finalists:

1. Sally Harrison- Ipswich Citizens Advice
2. Layla Shirreh- Bromley by Bow Health Centre
3. Lisa Dean- Primary Care Cheshire
4. Ethna Parker- Darlington PCN
5. Concia Albert- One Westminster

Judging criteria:

  1. 1. How they are supporting and developing social prescribing link workers
    2. Inspires team
    3. How they are improving themselves in order to be the best they can be in their role
    4. Inequalities creative  disruptor-demonstrates creative ways of disrupting social inequalities
    5. Flexibility in approach
    6. Challenges faced and how they have overcome them
    7. How they have worked in collaboration with inter-professionals and inter-agencies to meet needs
    8. Strength of evidence of impact


  1. Kim Ryley, Co-Chair- Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC)
  2. Dr. Cait Taylor, GP & joint clinical director
  3. Faith Walkwell- Social Prescribing Link Worker at Claypath and University PCN & Social Prescribing Link Worker Champion
  4. Selina Ross, Chief Officer of West Dunbartonshire CVS & Scotland Social Prescribing Manager’s Champion 
  5. Christiana Melam, CEO of NALW
  6. Natasha Kally, Head of Policy & External Affairs of NALW
  7. Jane Soothill, NALW Advisory Board
  8. Margaret Mulley, NALW Advisory Board 


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